Glad to share you the portfolio cases of outdoor LED lighting solutions we have do before, especially for architecture/landscape/scenery exterior illumination, and street/road/path lighting projects.

With over 8 years experience in outdoor lighting manufacturing, we are helping global clients to fulfill their projects with our wide array of commercial exterior LED lighting products and cutting-edge technology. For both municipal construction and outdoor LED lighting wholesale, HAIROLUX is committed to providing you with the most appropriate products and comprehensive lighting design.

How We Work and Make it Real


Offer Building Drawing

When our customer have an project , we need the buiding drawing and give it to our lighting engineer to make suitable lighting sulutions, decide the light position, quantity andn routing.


3D rendering design

A 3D rendering design with the simulated architectural lighting effect will be provided to display the illumination result.


Construction Design

With our redenering and lighting layout, you can make the construction drawing locally to maximize compliance with design.


Lighting Collocation

Upon your construction drawing, we prepare the requested lights, power suppliesand controllers to meet the effect 95% at least.